Yesterday, Shihan Kubokawa (Shihan of Shito-Ryu Hakushin-Kai, Yamanashi-Prefecture Police) has called me that Shito-Ryu Hakushin-Kai Japan Party will visit Thailand and want to exchange practice between Thai and

Japan at the following schedule;- (Shihan Kubokawa has come to Thailand twice with his Karate students.)

1. Shito-Ryu Hakushin-Kai at Kanagawa Branch Party (a temporary name)

2. Shihan; Sensei Haseme (One of the leading member of JKF Shito-Ryu) & Sensei Sasaki (Master of

Hakushin-Kai Kanagawa Branch)

(Shihan Haseme has been Bangkok long years ago as one of instructor of AKF/JKF Technical Seminar in

Thailand and other Asian Countries. )

3. Total; 33 Persons (13 adults & 20 Child lens)

4. Schedule; March 26 (Sun) ; Tokyo/Phuket (Accommodation; at Phuket)

March 28 (Tue) ; Phuket/Bangkok (Accommodation at Bangkok)

5. Exchange Practice; March 28 (Tue) 17;30 p.m. กม20;00 p.m.กกat Ruam Rudee Dojo

-Details will be inform later-

So, please call all other members to join the exchange practice accordingly. (Especially, please urge junior

members to participant this event.

Tetsuo Sadahiro


28 มีนาคมนี้ ผู้ใดสนใจ เชิญได้ที่โดโจ ศูนย์ฝึกกลางร่วมฤดี ถนนเพลินจิต ตรงโบสถ์มหาไถ่ รร.ร่วมฤดีครับ




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